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Monday, August 27, 2012

Winner and losers from the Samsung Apple clash

Published on Aug 27, 2012 by Euronews : Samsung's big loss to Apple in a potentially game changing US patent lawsuit over smartphones meant a dramatic fall in the South Korean company's shares in Soeul - down almost 7.5 percent - while Apple's stock rose in New York on Monday.

But the industry is still sorting out who will be the long term winners and losers in the smartphone world.

Google may suffer as it supplies the Android operating system for Samsung phones. That means it could lose out if Apple manages to get permanent bans on the sale of some Samsung handsets.

A decision on that is due from the court next week.

Partially blocking Samsung from the US market could dramatically change the league table where the South Koreans dominate with 32.6 percent of all smartphone sales worldwide between April and June. Apple had 16.9 percent, Nokia 6.6 percent, Taiwan's HTC 5.7 percent and China's ZTE had 5.5 percent.

Investors obviously think Nokia could be a winner from Samsung's setback.

The Finnish firm's shares shot up on Monday. Its newest smartphones use a Microsoft operating system, which Apple has no problems with.

Other handset makers will now be worrying whether they will be next on Apple's litigation list and how much this case will change the dynamics of the highly competitive mobile phone industry.