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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Chrome Extensions That Work Beautifully in RockMelt

If you’re not familiar with RockMelt, it’s a a web browser that focuses on social sharing, Facebook chat and RSS feeds. It’s built on Chromium, so it has the speed of Google Chrome along with most of the design. While some of Chrome’s extensions do not quite work properly on RockMelt, there are others that work beautifully. I know some people who decided not to use RockMelt because it’s lack of compatibility with extensions, but with new updates happening every week RockMelt is quickly improving and worth using.
I actually prefer the way RockMelts handles extensions over Google Chrome’s method. While Chrome puts extension icons beside the search bar and does not give you the ability to remove icons or move them around, RockMelt does allowing rearranging and removal of icons. Also, RockMelts places their icons in right sidebar, so your search bar and address bar do not have to suffer (get smaller and smaller) with each new addition of an extension.
By the way, the right sidebar is also where RSS feeds and your Facebook and Twitter timelines are placed (as you can see from the image to the right). So now that you’re more familiar with RockMelt, here are 5 extensions that you’re sure to enjoy.

FeedSquares extension in RockMelt.