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Saturday, July 21, 2012

For ICT subcomm : Google Plus understudy?

Google Plus – Read the Fine Print BEFORE You Sign Up
Here’s an update to this post – written to help settle the confusion caused by trolls mischaracterizing what I said. Please read my words – not what the trolls say I said – and judge for yourself. Thanks.
Google is the company that started out with a simple mission – don’t be evil. I think they meant it when they started. They have grown to be one of the biggest companies on the planet. I am not so sure they remember their original mission. Their image search feature allows them to profit from other people’s work without compensation. Their TOS (terms of service) allows them license to images — that I find concerning. Why am I bringing all this up now?
There’s lots of talk about Google+. It is Google’s answer to social networking. It will probably be successful because Google has their hooks into everything – and everybody.
One of the things that has photographers excited about Google+ is their implantation of photo sharing. They seem to have done a good job of making it easy to share photos. For amateurs with no desire to turn pro or to license their work, this will be attractive.
My post today is not in any way aimed at amateurs. I am writing to professional photographers and aspiring professional photographers who hope to or do make money licensing their photos.
You need to be aware of what you are giving up if you decide to use Google+ or any other Google service when it comes to your photography. Please read the information contained at this link.
Then, please carefully note these sections…