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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cyberwar 4G.

What does a government or cybercommand do when it has 2 billion more potential targets to shoot at and defend against in a period of four years?

More than 20 years ago a number of us were warning allied governments and defense organizations about a number of key developments.

Class I Information Warfare: The loss of privacy and Identity Theft Class II: Private espionage and organized cybercrime Class III: Nation-state, NGO and terrorist use of Internet technologies as offensive weapons. We were ignored. Defense groups said, “if it doesn’t explode, it’s not ours,” and Congress said, “why would a criminal or terrorist ever want to use the Internet…?”

Now we know. And here it comes again.

The smart phone is just a computer. It’s highly mobile, it’s prolific and it’s growing in power. The ITA estimates that in 2014, 4.2 billion IP endpoints will populate the Earth.

Governments will face two distinct sets of problems due to the coming onslaught

Should we allow the use and integration of devices that present tremendous security problems? We are going to have to defend against an additional 2 billion intelligent endpoints that will have similar attack capabilities to conventional fixed computers. Thus, CND of not only state-managed assets, but of critical infrastructures, will become a greater challenge than ever before.

CNA operations will find a much larger target suite, if they can in fact identify bad actors with high degrees of certainty.

Both are indeed daunting technical hurdles that, as usual, favor the bad actors.

What are the answers?

We know what doesn’t work, so we shouldn’t try it again. Schwartau has a few thoughts on the subject.

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Published on Apr 21, 2012 by hzvprod : Winn Schwartau perform a talk about the next battlefield on cyberwarfare and expose his vision of this one.

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