Despite Facebook’s increased emphasis on building up its mobile revenue, a new forecast from eMarketer predicts thatTwitter will bring in nearly double the mobile revenue of Facebook in the U.S. for the full year of 2012.

According to eMarketer, Twitter will tally $129.7 million in U.S. mobile advertising revenue in 2012, compared with $72.7 million for Facebook. The research firm added that it sees the overall U.S. mobile advertising market totaling $2.61 billion in 2012 and rising to almost $12 billion in 2016.
However, eMarketer expects the recent moves by Facebook to begin showing results as early as 2013, when it predicts that Facebook will bring in $387 million in U.S. mobile revenue, adding that in 2014, it sees Facebook’s total at $629.4 million, topping its Twitter forecast of $444.1 million.
So what is Twitter doing better than Facebook in 2012? According to eMarketer, Twitter simplifies the mobile advertising process with the tight integration between its ad products, especially promoted tweets, and its user experience.
On the other hand, Facebook just rolled out premium ads in its mobile news feed early in 2012, with eMarketer adding that 60 percent of the social network’s ad revenue comes from its marketplace platform, and those units are not available for mobile.
Readers: Do you think Facebook’s efforts on the mobile front will pay off, as eMarketer predicts?

source here | 8 Aug 2012